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9 thoughts on “Sayo

  1. 1)Intensive Reading

    1 We can read the English newspaper by pdf. 【NEWS EUM】

    2 In 20 and 21st century famous people’s speech(Video content & pdf)
    【T op 100 speeches of the 20th century American Rhetoric】

    3 Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world (presentation by Video)【TED 】

    2)Extensive Reading

    Quote & Proven & Unimportant story

    4 Quote Geek by Facebook【The Other Pages ( 】

    5 Famous people’s Quotes (separating detail is people)【Brain Quote】

    6 Quote From TV&Movie【quote geek】

    7 Proverb&Quote&Idiom (separating an item)【Prove】

    8 A sarcastic words collection from day-to-day【FML: F My life- your everyday life】

    9 A good story’s collection from day-to-day【gives me hope-life is beautiful today】

    10 Tongue Twister for Kids


    11 Comics manga by English(famous comic in USA,too)

    【Go Com ic】

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