Reading Circles

Ohana 1 Reading Circle Groups:

O1 G1 O1 G2 O1 G3

Ohana 2 Reading Circle Groups:

O2 G1 O2 G2 O2 G3 O2 G4

Tuesday, October 1st: As Leader:
Choose an article and post its link on your group’s web page.

Wednesday, October 2nd: As Leader:
Post the 5 or 6 vocabulary words and 2 comprehension questions.

Thursday, October 3rd: As Reader:
Rick will assign two group members’ articles for you to read; and you will answer the comprehension questions for these articles (post a reply to his or her comprehension questions).

Monday, October 7th: As Leader:
Post discussion questions for your article.

Tuesday, October 8th: As Reader:
Reply to one discussion question for each of the two articles.

Wednesday, October 9th: As Leader:
Ask for more opinions. Or, ask more questions to encourage discussion.

Thursday, October 10th: As Reader:
Post your final comments for the discussion about the two articles.

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