Ohana 2 Group 4 Reading Circle

Chihiro, Kazuo, Kaiko, & Hye Young!

Reading Assignments:

  • Chihiro will read Kazuo’s article and Kaiko’s article.
  • Kazuo will read Kaiko’s article and Hye Young’s article.
  • Kaiko will read Hye Young’s article and Chihiro’s article.
  • Hye Young will read Chihiro’s article and Kazuo’s article.

( If your group mate has not posted something yet, and you are assigned to read his or her article, please choose a different group mate’s article to read; everyone should read two articles in their group. )

37 thoughts on “Ohana 2 Group 4 Reading Circle

    • 1. Congress failed to pass a federal funding bill.
      2. It was Mon., Sept. 30th.
      3. National parks and museum services stopped.

  1. -Federal : a federal country or system of government consists of a group of states which control their own affairs, but which are also controlled by a single national government which makes decisions on foreign affairs, defence
    -Failure : achieving or doing something

    -Penalty : something bad that happens to you because of something you have done or because of the situation you are in.

    -Repeal : if a government repeals a law, it officially ends that law

    -Enable : to make it possible for someone to do something, or for something to happen

    1. Why the U.S government has shut down?
    2. When was the deadline?
    3. Which services are stoped?

    • 1. to following the failure on Monday of Congress to pass a federal funding bill
      2. Monday night which is September 30th
      3. national parks and museums


    1. vocabularies
    hand-stiching ….. sewing by hand
    hunch over …….. bend one’s back forward, round the back
    treadle ……… pedal of the sewing machine
    giggle ……… laugh softly
    perch ………. a small bar on which a bird stops

    2. comprehention question
    1) At page 3, while Rachel was looking a canary at the general store, one Indian came and said something. At first, she couldn’t remember, but later she remembered those. What this Indian say to the canary?

    2) At page 3, there is a general store in the town of Wausa, How do people pay to buy grocery, to pay cash, to barter, or other way?

      • 1.It says it listens to the wind.
        2.It says poke with the grocer about their bread and onions.

  3. 1 symptoms : something wrong with your body or mind which shows that you have a particular illness
    2 alleged : an alleged crime, fact is one that someone says has happened or is true, although it has not been proved
    3 irritation : a painful, sore feeling on a part of your body
    4 downplay : to make something seem less important than it really is
    5 precaution : something you do in order to prevent something dangerous or unpleasant from happening

    1. What kinds of symptoms were reported?
    2. How much were the levels of chlorine and chloramine, and the pH reading?
    3. What did Coplan note that ironically?

    • 1. burning eyes, bleached hair and a loss of body hair
      2. chlorine and chloramine were ten times the recommended level, and the pH reading was above the accepted level
      3. the closure is the second at the pool in the past few years

    • 1. burning eyes, bleached hair and a loss of body hair
      2. the levels of chlorine and chloramine were ten times the recommended level, and the pH reading was above the accepted level.
      3.the closure is the second at the pool in the past few years.

  4. diligently : with much care and effort, showing care and effort in your work or duties
    emerge : a brake operated by hand, the act of coming (or going) out
    soggy : having the consistency of dough because of insufficient leavening or improper cooking
    maverick : someone who exhibits great independence in thought and action
    nestling : recently hatched

    What kind of rings did the Chanel’s bag showcase with?
    Who said this words to explain the bag – “It’s for the beach”?
    What can you do with this bag when you go to a beach?

    • 1. The back with hula-hoop rings.
      2. Karl Lagerfeld said that.
      3. We need space for the beach towel, so we can put it into the sand and hang things on it.


    discussion questions
    1. At page1, it is written that Rachel’s family journeyed from Philadelphia for two years. I think it’s very long time. How do you feel about their journey? Can you do the same thing as them?

    2. At page 4, before the family notice tornado coming, a canary became motionless. I think this action of the canary meant anticipation of something bad. In Japan, there is an ancient tradition, “Catfish and Earthquake.” This means when catfish becomes violent, earthquake occurs. But this is not proven scientifically. How do you feel about this action of canary? Do you believe in the connection between tornado and canary?

    • I think its very long! I can’t do the same thing. But I’ve studied abroad for a year by myself, so It’s could be ok to do it for only a year.

  6. 1. Now days ecomony is very important in our life but we can’t control the ecomony only some people control the ecomony. How do you think this system?

    2. US govornment has a power to control future economy of the world. What should they do?

    • 1. Economy is very important. I don’t know that some people control the economy. If it is true, they should really consider about our daily lives and lead economy for good direction.

    • 1
      They just need to find out the way to make world’s economy good. However, if we could, everyone should have a power to say something for them. We need to be equal. That is my opinion.

    • 1
      There are people who you do not know in a public pool. I think that is negative point, because if you already know who are in the pool, you do not have to worry about it, but in a public pool, you need to worry about other people. Sometimes, it is not safe. For example, a man try to touch woman’s body or something like that.

      • 1.I feel it’s really harmful the water. Because they use a chemical to make water clean but it feeling not good and harmful. I know that they can’t avoid using the chemical to make a water clean but sometimes we drink the water eventhough we don’t wanted and I can say that’s chemical water also so it feel harmful.
        2.According to Berkeleyside, the closure is the second at the pool in the past few years. Coplan noted that, “ironically,” both complaints came from the same parent.

  7. 1, If you had enough money, do you want to get this bag?
    2, What do you think about this way “put it into the sand and hang things on it”? Is that nice or not?

    • I will just obey my family, because I have no choice. Even if I don’t want to immigrant, I can’t stay by myself…so I will obey them.

      • well…I can leave for some years but I love my country, food, friends and culture so I don’t want immigrant to another country. I will hesitate to go.

  8. Addtional questions!
    If you don’t know the people who are in a public pool, are there other possible problems? Do you think a public pool is dirty?why?

    • The noisy could be other probelm. There are many people’s in public pool and it will be very noisy so if I want to listen the music during the tanning.
      I think pool is dirty even they use a medicine to clean the water. There’s many hairs in the water and sometimes we drink the water by mistake. Also I think the chemical medicine is not good for our skin so it is harmful and dirty if it’s too strong medicine.

    • When I see my family use money for buying unnecessary things, I have such a feeling sometimes. Money is, of course, very important for me, so I think we should use money carefully and reasonably.

  9. Additional question!
    If you said that you do not want to buy the bag even if you had enough money, what do you want to buy?

      • I will buy what I want. For example, I want to buy cloths, shoes and cosmetics now, so I will buy those if I have enough money!!!

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