Ohana 2 Group 3 Reading Circle

Yu-Ting, Misato, Shiori, & Ayuka!

Reading Assignments:

  • Yu-Ting will read Misato’s aritcle and Shiori’s article.
  • Misato will read Shiori’s aritcle and Ayuka’s article.
  • Shiori will read Ayuka’s aritcle and Yu-Ting’s article.
  • Ayuka will read Yu-Ting’s aritcle and Misato’s article.

( If your group mate has not posted something yet, and you are assigned to read his or her article, please choose a different group mate’s article to read; everyone should read two articles in their group. )

30 thoughts on “Ohana 2 Group 3 Reading Circle

  1. vocabulary
    demonstration – an action that shows how you feel
    strap – a narrow piece of cloth, plastic, etc. attached to something that you use for holding or carrying it, or hanging it up by
    secure – feeling confident and safe
    position – to put something in a particular place
    resolved – determined to do something
    comprehension questions
    1. What is the big problem for children when they use the child safety seats?
    2. When do children don’t need to use child safety seats?

    • 1,The biggest problem is that the seats are too loose or the straps were too low for the children.
      2, They use when they become 7 years old or weigh more than 60 pounds.

  2. vocabulary
    1 toxic-containing poison, or caused by poisonous substances
    2 territorial-animals or people that are territorial are careful to guard the area of land that they consider to be their own, and prevent others from using it
    3 mortality- deaths during a particular period of time among a particular type or group of people
    4 detectable-be able to notice or discover something, especially something that is not easy to see, hear etc
    5 fructose-a type of natural sugar in fruit juices
    6 syrup-a thick sticky sweet liquid, eaten on top of or mixed with other foods

    comprehension questions
    a What did scientists at the university of Utah discover with experiment using mice?
    b What does the author suggest to do when you buy foods?

  3. treat—— to behave towards someone or something in a particular way
    fairly——more than a little, but much less than very
    ramp—–a slope that has been built to connect two places that are at different levels
    disabled—-someone who is disabled cannot use a part of their body properly, or cannot learn easily
    remove—to take something away from, out of, or off the place where it is

    ・What does it mean one law states that people with disabilities must be able to easily get into buildings and other places?
    ・Dose the law protect the disability according to the example?

      • This means that special ramps must be built so people in wheelchairs can get in. It is also said that new things being built cannot block access to the disabled.

        No it doesn’t.

  4. dub_____to give something or someone a name that describes them in some way
    federal_____relating to the central government of a country such as the US, rather than the government of one of its states
    veteran_____someone who has had a lot of experience of a particular activity
    sneeze_____used about an offer, especially of money, that is very good, and which you should consider carefully
    annual_____based on or calculated over a period of one year
    plenty_____a lot or very
    recipient_____someone who receives something
    underprivileged_____very poor, with worse living conditions, educational opportunities etc than most people in society

    ・ How much is one insecticide-treated mosquito net to save children from malaria?
    ・ With $1.2 billion, how many students can be sent to Ecuador for 10 days of service work with United Planet during Christmas break?

  5. discussion questions
    1. Do you think we need to continue use child safety seats after child become 7 years old?
    2. If you are parent, will you use child safety seats every time?

  6. discussion questions
    1, What do you think about food education for kids?
    2, What is important for you when you choose foods? Do you choose the cheapest one? Or consider organic or not?

  7. 1,What do you think about law of the disability?

    2,How do you think the environment of the disability around you?
    Do you feel good or bad?

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