Ohana 2 Group 1 Reading Circle

Ryuji, Anna, Kaoru, and Emily!

Reading Assignments:

  • Ryuji will read Anna’s article and Kaoru’s article.
  • Anna will read Kaoru’s article and Emily’s article.
  • Kaoru will read Emily’s article and Ryuji’s article.
  • Emily will read Ryuji’s article and Anna’s article.

( If your group mate has not posted something yet, and you are assigned to read his or her article, please choose a different group mate’s article to read; everyone should read two articles in their group. )

23 thoughts on “Ohana 2 Group 1 Reading Circle

  1. ・failure… a lack of success in achieving or doing something
    ・federal… a federal country or system of government consists of a group of states which control their own affairs
    ・representative…typical of a particular group or thing
    ・repeal….if a government repeals a law, it officially ends that law
    ・revise….to change something because of new information or ideas

    Q1. When was the deadline to pass a new budget?
    Q2. How many federal government employees stay home without pay?

  2. ・aspiring…….to long, aim, or seek ambitiously
    ・gauge………to determine the exact dimensions, capacity, quantity, or force of; measure.
    ・euphoria…..a state of intense happiness and self-confidence
    ・accentuate…to give emphasis or prominence to
    ・genre………a class or category of artistic endeavor having a particular form, content,technique, or the like

    Q1.Who is Akihiko Shirai?
    Q2.What is one thing which Shirai’s team are still not satisfied with ?

    • 1. He is the Manga Generator; Kanagawa Institute of Technology.
      2. Shirai and his team still not satisfied with the quality of the images and are working to improve the shader software.

      • 1. he is the manga generator at kanagawa institute of technology. he is a member of a team of researchers.
        2.the quality of the images and are working to improve the shader software

  3. http://www.eastoftheweb.com/short-stories/UBooks/Time898.shtml

    concentration…the ability to think about something careflly or for a long time
    staggering…extremely great or supprising
    tedium…the feeling of being bored because the things you are doing are not interesting
    loathe…to hate someone or something very much
    decay…to be slowly destroyed by a natural chemcal process,or to make something do this

    1) Why time-sweepers enjoy bank holidays off?
    2)How long does it take that the most toixc and poisoned time dissapear completely?

    • 1. There seems so much more time than usual.
      2. It will take two or three centuries to decay, and become harmless again.

  4. 1. patent…an official right to be the only person to make, use or sell a product or an invention
    2. literally…used to emphasize the truth of sth that may seem surprising
    3. sector…a part of an a country’s economy
    4. tremendous…very great
    5. potential…that can develop into sth or be developed in the future

    • 1.Because of “Obama Care”
      2. Almost all government agency, such as National Park, museums and national art gallery will be closed.

  5. 1. Do you think this project is the best way to make manga popular?
    2. To make the project successful, what should the team do?

    • 1. It’s just that if you are planning on throwing away your time, please remember somebody has to pick it up.
      2. Yes, there is. The most toxic and poisoned time ・the residues of failed peace negotiations, wrongful imprisonments and truly poisonous marriages, is skimmed off and buried in a tank underneath a disused army base.

    • 1. The time-sweepers are, by their very nature, a tidy and orderly sort of people.
      2.There, in a dusty industrial estate somewhere near Bombay, it is cleaned, sorted, and graded.

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