Ohana 1 Group 3 Reading Circle

Yuka, Yui K, Aki, & Ami!

Reading Assignments:

  • Yuka will read Yui K’s article and Aki’s article.
  • Yui K will read Aki’s article and Ami’s article.
  • Aki will read Ami’s article and Yuka’s article.
  • Ami will read Yuka’s article and Yui K’s article.

( If your group mate has not posted something yet, and you are assigned to read his or her article, please choose a different group mate’s article to read; everyone should read two articles in their group. )

27 thoughts on “Ohana 1 Group 3 Reading Circle

      • quizze
        ・what’s happened if people decline to buy insurance?
        ・why do people worry about paying insurance of HealthCare?

        1.hesitation: to pause before you do or say something
        2.federal: having or relating to a system of government in which several states from a unity but remain independent in internal affairs
        3.notwithstanding: in spite of
        4.deal with: face, cope with
        5.household: a house and its occupants regarded as a unit
        6.coverage: the area that can be covered by a specified volume or weight of a substance
        7.Medicare: (in the US) a federal system of health insurance for people over 65 years of age
        8.opt: choose and decide
        9.burden: typically a heavy one, a duty, responsible
        10.sect: a groupe of people with somewhat different religions
        11.shell out: pay, spend
        12.enrol: register
        13.afford: be able to do something without risk of adverse consequences, have enough money to pay for something

      • 1.Even though they’ll have to pay a penalty if they don’t
        2.Because they have to pay for insurance or penalty

  1. 【words】
    ・depression (a feeling of sadness, or medical a type of mental illness that causes long periods of unhappiness)
    ・fuel (to make something, especially something bad, increase or become stronger)
    ・pupil (a person who is being taught, esp. a child at school)
    ・steep (A steep rise or fall is one that goes very quickly from low to high or from high to low)
    ・withdrawn (preferring to be alone and taking little interest in other people)
    ・distressing (making you feel very upset)

    What are 80,000 children in the UK estimated to suffer from?
    According to Lucie Russell, what are the factors of stress for modern childhood?

    • 1. They are estimated to suffer from severe depression.
      2. There are family breakdowns and social media such as cyberbullying.

    • it is from severe depression, including 8,000 below the age of 10.
      children have a stress because of family breakdowns or pressure from school with testing.

    • 1.80,000 children in the UK are estimated to suffer from severe depression, including 8,000 below the age of 10.

      2. Family breakdowns, increasing pressure from school with testing from a very early age, and social media are the factors of stress for modern childhood.

  2. [words]
    ・mercury (a heavy, silver-colored metal that is liquid at ordinary temperatures)
    ・fahrenheit (a scale of temperature in which water freezes at 32º and boils at 212º)
    ・far-flung (very distant, spread out over a very large area)
    ・glacier (a large mass of ice which moves slowly down a mountain valley)
    ・precipitation (rain, snow etc that falls on the ground, or the amount of rain, snow etc that falls)
    ・the globe (the world)

    ・What are the effects of rising temperature?
    ・ What diseases will spread, if global warming continues?

    • ・melting ice, decline of the Adélie penguins, Sea level rise, moving some butterflies, foxes, and alpine plants farther north or to higher, cooler areas, increased precipitation, booming Spruce bark.
      ・such as malaria.

  3. ・undertake… to take upon oneself, as a task, performance, etc.
    ・agenda… a list, plan, outline, or the like, of things to be done, matters to be acted or voted upon
    ・emanate… to flow out, issue, or proceed, as from a source or origin; come forth; originate
    ・counterpart… a person or thing closely resembling another, especially in function
    ・amend… to change for the better; improve

    Q1. What is the U.S. concerned about?
    Q2. What strengthening will the U.S. and Japan discuss about?

    • 1. It is concerned about cyberattack mainly by China.

      2. They will discuss about a wide range of issues over Japan-U.S. defense cooperation as the security environment surrounding.

    • Q1. I think cyberattack is dangerous because in the computer there are a lot of important information and personal information. So I think If computers are suffered cyberattack, important inforation and personal informatiom can be leak and abused.

  4. 【Discussion Questions】
    ・What kind of thinking made this situation, do you think?
    ・Do you think this problem is important and should be solved soon?

    • 1.I think that decreasing the amount of private time causes depression. Children are always thinking and watching what their friends do by using SNS. SNS is good tool, but sometimes it gives children stress.
      2.Yes. But I think that we need much time to solve this problem. It’s not easy to solve this problem, I think.

    • Q1. I think thesedays, childrens are depend on the information on the Internet such as SNS. I think most people only post good thing for the person, but when children read about their friends, they compare with friends and feel lonely.

    • 1. I agree with Obama Care.
      2. Because, if I got heavy sick or something, I need to go to hospital. If I don’t have insurance, I have to pay a lot of money, so I agree about Obama Care.

  5. [Discussion Questions]

    1.What can you do to prevent grobal warming?

    2. If you think global warming is problem, why we have to prevent grobal warming?

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