Ohana 1 Group 2 Reading Circle

Rina, Yui M, Kana, Shino, & Azam!

Reading Assignments:

  • Rina will read Yui M’s article and Kana’s article.
  • Yui M will read Kana’s article and Shino’s article.
  • Kana will read Shino’s article and Azam’s article.
  • Shino will read Azam’s article and Rina’s article.
  • Azam will read Rina’s article and Yui M’s article.

( If your group mate has not posted something yet, and you are assigned to read his or her article, please choose a different group mate’s article to read; everyone should read two articles in their group. )

35 thoughts on “Ohana 1 Group 2 Reading Circle

  1. 1- If you read the article you will see that tech companies headed the list, companies such us Apple, Google, Ibm, Samsung. Why is this happening?

    2- From the article you will notice that people buying tech thing more and more. Is tech become more important than food!?

    3- According to the article how does tech changed our life?

    1-giant = extremely big, and much bigger than other things of the same type.
    2-rivalry = a situation in which two or more people, teams.
    3-dominance = the fact of being more powerful, more important, or more noticeable than other people or things.
    4-leapfrogged = a children’s game in which someone bends over and someone else jumps over them.
    5-estimated = to try to judge the value, size, speed, cost etc of something, without calculating it exactly.
    6-assembled = if you assemble a large number of people or things, or if they assemble.

    • 1. I think it’s because people became more interested in tech field than food. Tech became the necessaries of life like food. And tech companies keep making innovations, so they can attract people’s attention.
      2. I think food is more important than tech because we cannot live without food, but this article shows tech company headed the list.
      3. Tech changes our lives, not just with its products, but with its ethos.

    • They headed a tech-heavy list. I don’t know why.

      No,without food we can’t live.

      Technology changes our ethos.

  2. vocabulary
    1. threaten: to say that you will cause someone harm or trouble if they do not do what you want
    2. neutral: not supporting any of the people or groups involved in an argument or disagreement

    1. Why are China, US, Japan, South Korea and the rest of the world worried about North Korea?
    2. What is the difference in Chinese attitude to North Korea this time?

    I’m sorry. My article is too short because I misunderstood about that, so I post another article that you can get more information about North Korea. Also, I post some vocabularies from this article. Please check this website if you want. Thank you.


    1. military: used by, involving, or relating to the army, navy, or airforce
    2. chaos: a situation in which everything is happening in a confused way and nothing is organized or arranged in order
    3. peninsula: a piece of land almost completely surrounded by water but joined to a large area of land
    4. reunify: to join the parts of something together again, especially a country that was divided
    5: invade: to enter a country, town, or area using military force, in order to take control of it
    6: cease-fire: an agreement to stop fighting for a period of time, especially so that a more permanent agreement can be made

    • 1. Because North Korea has been threatening to attack the US and South Korea with bombs and no one is sure if they will do it. However, threatening other countries is very normal for North Korea.
      2. Normally, when North Korea starts threatening the US, China stays neutral and doesn’t say anything. However, China is not staying silent this time. Chinese officials said North Korea has to be responsible and China does not want any trouble near China.

    • 1. They are worried about threatening to attack the US and South Korea with bombs.
      2. China stays neutral and doesn’t say anything because chinese officals said North Korea has to be responsible and China does not want any trouble near China.

  3. 1 magnificancent: extremely attractive and impressive
    2 culinary: connected with cooking or food
    3 heritage: the history, traditions and qualities that a country or society has had for many years and that are considered an important part of its character
    4 wonder; to think about sth and try to decide what will happen
    5 lick; to move your tongue over the surface of sth in order to eat it, meke it wet or clean it

  4. 1. Which restaurant is the most famous restaurants in Hawaii?
    2. If people want to eat Japanese food, which restaurants
    3. When do peopl need close their eyes and let the sound of the waves wash you away?

    • 1. Alan Wong’s Restaurants are the most famous restaurants in Hawaii.
      2. If they go to Sushi Izakaya Gaku or Sushi Sasabune, they can eat sushi, and if they go to Imanas Tei Restaurant, they can eat Japanese food.
      3. When they have only a one day trip or a one month; because, they cannot come to Hawaii and not have an insight into its heart rendering cuisine of delicacies.

    • 1. Alan Wong’s Restaurants are the most famous, and one of the best in Hawaii.
      2. There are too many choices to have a Japanese food in Hawaii, such as Sushi Izakaya Gaku, Sushi Sasabune and, Imanas Tei restaurant.
      3. When they have a one day trip or a one month, because they cannot come to Hawaii and not have an insight into its heart rendering cuisine of delicacies.

  5. 1 offset: to use one cost,payment or situation in order to cancel or reduce the effect of another
    2 soar: to rise quickly
    3 robust: strong and not likely to fail or become weak
    4 backlash: a strong negative reaction by a large number of people, for example to something that has recently changed in society
    5 withstand: to be strong enough not to be hurt or damaged by extreme conditions

    What percent of the sales tax will rise in April?
    What does Hiromichi Shirakawa think about Abe’s plan?
    When is the sales tax expected to rise to 10 percent?

  6. 1 dispute : a disagreement or argument
    2 polarization : to cause
    3 tremendous : very large or great
    4 federal : relating to a form of government in which power is shared between a central government and individual states,
    5 default : something that happens or is done when nothing else has been done or can be done

  7. 1 What did The federal government and states start websites for millions of uninsured Americans?
    2When The political fighting between Democrats and Republicans began to intensify?

    • 1. The federal government and states started websites for millions of uninsured Americans to buy health plans or pay a tax penalty.
      2. The political fighting between Democrats and Republicans began to intensify during the 1990s.

    • I think people visit Hawaii because they want to feel relaxed. The beautiful beaches and mountains refresh people.
      I think it is famous because it has got the Golden Coconut Award 12 years in a row which is given to the best culinary home in Hawaii. Also, It acts a link for the local farmers, ranchers, growers and producers. That’s why I think it is famous.

  8. 1. Why do North Korea want to get attention and to get better deals with South Korea and the US by threatening to attack?
    2. Why did China change attitude to North Korea this time?

    • 1. I think it is because North Korea wants to control the world and show its power.
      2. I think it changed attitude this time because it has got more and more power in the world.

      • 1. I think North korea wants to show how strong North korea is!
        2. I think China doesnt want to get in trouble.

  9. 1. Do you agree with the idea of raising sales tax?
    2. Do you think Japanese economy is strong enough for raising tax?

  10. Additional question
    If you can chose, which do you want; receiving good social welfare by paying a lot of taxes or receiving low level social welfare by paying fewer taxes?

  11. Additional question

    How do countries make good relationship with other countries?
    How should North Korea appeal to other countries?

    • I think it is important not to threaten other countries if a country want to make a good relationship with them. Also, I think North Korea should stop creating nuclear weapons. If it continue to do that, no country will help it when it is in trouble and will abandon it.

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