Ohana 1 Group 1 Reading Circle

Yuki, Ayaka, Songmin, Saeko, & Sakura!

Reading assignments:

  • Yuki will read Ayaka’s article and Songmin’s article.
  • Ayaka will read Songmin’s article and Saeko’s article.
  • Songmin will read Saeko’s article and Sakura’s article.
  • Saeko will read Sakura’s article and Yuki’s article.
  • Sakura will read Yuki’s article and Ayaka’s article.

( If your group mate has not posted something yet, and you are assigned to read his or her article, please choose a different group mate’s article to read; everyone should read two articles in their group. )

43 thoughts on “Ohana 1 Group 1 Reading Circle

  1. Vocabulary
    1. Etiquette(N): The rules indicating the proper and polite way to behave.
    2. Passerby(N): Someone who is walking past a place by chance.
    3. Singe(V): To burn the surface of something slightly, or to be burned slightly.
    4. Countermeasure(N): An action taken to prevent another action from having a harmful effect.
    5. Frustration(N): A feeling of anger or annoyance caused by being unable to do something.
    6. Readily(Adv): In a quick and easy manner.

    Comprehension questions
    1. How did she announce her opinion about people who smoke while walking?
    2. Why is so dangerous about smoking while walking?
    3. If her boyfriend did something like this, what will she do?

    • 1 on her blog
      2 because japan is crowded and people walk to get their destination
      3 she says “I’d slap him three times across the face, and for good measure, after that I’d hit him with a dekopin, too!”

    • 1. She used her blog.
      2. Because there are too many people in Japanese cities and people who live in urban work frequently so there would be secondhand smoke.
      3. She’d slap his face three times and hit his forehead additionally.

    • 1. She updated her blog.
      2. Japanese cities are crowded. Also, in urban and suburban Japan, people walk to their destinations.
      3.She said, “If my boyfriend did something like this, I would slap him three times across the face,” she declared. “And for good measure, after that I’d hit him with a dekopin, too!”

  2. evoke: to produce a strong feeling or memory in someone
    nostalgia: a feeling that a time in the past was good
    specimen: a small amount or piece that is taken from something, so that it can be tested or examined
    bonocular: a pair of special glasses, that you hold up to your eyes to look at objects that are a long distance away
    courtesy: polite behaviour and respect for other people

    1.What does the collection evoke a touch of childhood nostalgia with?
    2.According to the second article, what is the name of next weekend’s event?

    • I read Yuki’s sites.
      Q1 It’s specimen jars, butterfly nets, binoculars and scattering of books and record players.
      Q2 the name is the Australia Jitterbug Championships.

    • 1. It’s specimen jars, butterfly nets, binoculars and scattering of books and record players.
      2. It’s the Gatsby Spring Soirée.

      • 1. It’s specimen jars, butterfly nets, binoculars and scattering of books and record players.
        2. It’s the Gatsby Spring Soirée.

  3. 1. apprentice – works for an expert to learn a trade
    2. manipulate – influence or control shrewdly or deviously
    3. radical – far beyond the norm
    4. corroded- eaten away as by acid or oxidation
    5. flame out- the failure of a jet engine caused by an interruption of the fuel supply or by faulty combustion
    6. hideous – grossly offensive to decency or morality
    7. estranged – caused to be unloved
    8. vicious – able or disposed to inflict pain or suffering
    9. white supremacist – a person who believes that the white race is or should be supreme
    10. instinctive – unthinking
    11. audacious – invulnerable to fear or intimidation

    If you didn’t watch this TV drama “Breaking Bad”, it’s a little bit difficult.
    However, the drama finished just now and this article is about the final story.
    Actually, I didn’t watch the drama too, but I read or heard about the story occasionally
    from news or my friends. In this mid break, I will watch this drama.

    Total : 6 Seasons (6 years)

    Q 1. After reading the article, can you guess what the main story is?
    Q 2. Can you find out who hero is?
    Q 3. Can you guess what relationship between Walter and Jesse is?

    • Q.1 i did not know about the drama at all so i could not understand the story well.
      Q.2 i think Walt is hero.
      Q.3 the article says “They were teacher and student. Master and apprentice. Father figure and problem child. Manipulator and manipulated. Heisenberg and Hoodie. Hazmat-suited partners in crime making fat stacks. ” and their relation is changing.

    • Sorry…it’s too difficult..

      Walter – He was a chemistry teacher in high school but he made excellent drugs because he need money.

      Jessy – He is a student of Walter and he became a drug dealer with Walter.

      Walter Jr. – Walter’s son but he is disabled(cerebral palsy)

      Walter who was a chemistry teacher become a drug maker and he get a lot of happening.

  4. browse = to look at the things in a shop without wanting something to buy
    corridor = hall or small places that connect rooms
    multivolume = more than one part
    distribution = to bring books from the publishing plant to book stores around the country
    encyclop a edia = many books or a single book that has information on many topics in it
    bound = covered on the outside with leather

    what is the cathcword of the e-books?
    what is the e-books good point?
    which companies are selling e-books?

    • I read Ayaka’s site too.

      Q1 the catchword of the e-books is that something you read on screen instead of on paper. You can load books onto small computers to read while you are on the move .
      Q2 The good point is that they are portable and have wireless connections to libraries or bookstores.
      Q3 Its are Microsoft Reader, Sony, Amazon and Random House.

    • 1.The catchword of the e-books is something you read on screen instead of on paper. You can load books onto small computers to read while you are on the move .

      2.The good point is that there are PDAs, or pocket computers, that can be used as an e-book if you have the right software. They are portable and have wireless connections to libraries or bookstores.

      3.Sony, PDFs, Amazon store.

    • 1. It is something readers read on screen instead of on paper, and they can load books onto small computers to read while they are on the move .
      2. The e-books good points are (1) readers can store lots of books on one computer, (2) readers can mark your book with an electronic bookmark , (3) readers can change the size of the type or font, (4) some e-books have built in dictionaries so you can click on a word and find out what it means, and (5) e-books include pictures, sound clips or small videos.
      3. Microsoft, Sony, Amazon, and Random House

  5. I am sorry for late.

    nonprofit a nonprofit organization uses the money it earns to help people
    association an organization that consists of a group of people who have the same aims, do the same kind of work etc
    alert giving all your attention to what is happening, being said etc
    overall considering or including everything
    attribute to believe or say that a situation or event is caused by something

    Q1 What is an alert for dangerous air quality this summer called?
    Q2 Where is the smog capital in the United States?

  6. discussion questions
    do you think e-books can be more popular than paper books?
    if you buy an e-book, which one do you want?

    • I read Ayaka’s article.

      1. I think e-books can’t be more popular than paper books because e-books’ cost aren’t cheap and those sharp are bigger than paper book. Also, e-books might influence with our eyesight easier than paper books.

    • I think e-books can be more popular than paper books because e-book is not heavy so people can read on the train or bus or anywhere. However, paper books are heavy I think. e-books are more convenient for carriying anywhere.

    • I think e-books cannot be more popular than paper books. In my opinion, people need both e-books and paper books because children should have experiences of reading paper book. Also, perhaps many companies which publish paper books are closed if e-books would be popular. However, it is true that e-books would be more popular than current situation.

      If I buy an e-book, I want to buy a book like I browse; it means I do not need to read whole thing in the book. I want to read specific points of this.

  7. Discussion Questions,
    1. If your friend smoke while walking, what will you do?
    2. Have you ever seen or experienced those dangerous situations?

    • 2 no. though my father was smoking untill about 5 years ago. it means he was smoking when i was child. it is not good for children health or environment. it can hurt children when smokers do not pay attention.

    • I will say my friends, “Please stop!” and if they do not stop to smoke, I would not spend time with them.
      I have never experienced. but I hate smoking so I always walk or stand with avoiding people who are smoking.

  8. 1 Do you think can the United States improve the air pollution?
    2 Do you think is this air pollution likely to influence on other countries?

    • Yes, I am but fashion is difficult because the trend often change. my clothes are chosen by just my feeling of the day.

    • My favorite authour is Keigo Higashino. Most of Japanese know about him because he is famous. If I get e-book, I want to read Harry Potter with some special effects.

    • I often read mysteries; especially, I like Keigo Higashino. If I buy e-book, I want to read some books written in English or Chinese because I had learned Chinese for two years at university.

  9. Some people say tobacco shold be banned because they will influence our health. Some people agree with this opinion but other people don’t agrere because we have the same right to live.

    What do you think with this opinion?

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