23 thoughts on “Kana

  1. Hello, Rick.

    What kind of information handouts should I look at? and where are the handouts in resources page?
    Also, do we need to post the OER which is kind of TV, movie or twitter?


    • Hi Kana.

      I’ll post the info and handout later. You only need to look at these if there is something you don’t understand about our projects.

      You don’t have to find a tv show or twitter feeds to use for oer. These are possible options only.

      Good questions! Thank you!

  2. Hello Rick!

    I’m sorry. I misunderstood about the article of reading circles. My article has only 170 words! I used word counter, but I did not look at “words” but “characters,” so my article is too short! Is it okay?

    • Hi Kana!

      170 words is short. But if the article is challenging, it’s OK. I’ll check and let you know. Thanks for telling me! Have a good night!

      • It’s OK.
        However, when you lead a discussion about this story later, please ask the readers to find additional information about North Korea and share it. That will be great! It’s a very interesting topic! I like it! Don’t change it! Thank you!

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