Fact or Opinion ?

Here are some great resources for practicing your ability to determine if a statement is a fact or opinion. Please do several of these fun exercises, check your answers, and meet with me if you have any questions.  It’s excellent practice!

Fact: Something that we can see; something that we can measure; something that we can prove; something that we can check on the Internet.

Opinion: Something that we decide after making several observations about something; two people can have different opinions about something, even if they have the same information about it; something that we can not prove; opinions often use judgement words, such as better, good, expensive, beautiful, etc.


When you give your opinion on something, you offer a conclusion or a judgment that, although it may be open to question, seems true or probable to you at the time (: she was known for her strong opinions on women in the workplace).A view is an opinion that is affected by your personal feelings or biases (: his views on life were essentially optimistic), while a sentiment is a more or less settled opinion that may still be colored by emotion (: her sentiments on aging were shared by many other women approaching fifty).A belief differs from an opinion or a view in that it is not necessarily the creation of the person who holds it; the emphasis here is on the mental acceptance of an idea, a proposition, or a doctrine and on the assurance of its truth (: religious beliefs; his belief in the power of the body to heal itself).A conviction is a firmly held and unshakable belief whose truth is not doubted (: she could not be swayed in her convictions), while a persuasion (in this sense) is a strong belief that is unshakable because you want to believe that it’s true rather than because there is evidence proving it so (: she was of the persuasion that he was innocent).
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