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Hi Everyone!

Below, please post your one discussion question for The Revolt of Mother. This is the question that you wrote for homework last night, the question that your group used today when you talked about The Revolt of Mother. Thank you!

The Revolt of Mother

The important problem (also called inciting incident or conflict, etc) in the story is found in line 20 (We must understand the inciting problem in a story because the rising action, climax, and other events in the story are based on this problem) :

“A barn? You’re going to build another barn where we were going to have a house?”

Lines 40 to 44 are also very important: 

“Her mother scrubbed a dish fiercely. “You haven’t found out yet we’re women-folks, Nanny Penn,” she said. One of these days, you’ll find it out how men think women-folks are supposed to be. Then you’ll know that we know only what men-folks think we do. Men-folks think we should consider them in like Providence4 and not complain of what they do any more than we should complain about the weather. “

Below, please post your answers for these 3 questions (please write several sentences or a short paragraph for each answer) :

  • What do you think will happen in the story? Will Mother make Father build a new house? Will Father build the barn, as planned? What will happen? What may be the climax of the story? 
  • Why didn’t Father tell Mother about his plan to build a new barn? 
  • Why do you think this kind of conflict occurs in a family? 


Tomorrow, we will spend more time talking about this story and its themes. 


Latin Americans in the United States

Please answer these two questions:

• What do you know about Latin Americans and Latin American culture in the United States?

• What do you want to know about Latin Americans or Latin American culture in the United States?

You can answer these questions by writing a short paragraph or making a list.