20 thoughts on “One Discussion Question for All Summer in a Day

  1. At last, the Sun came out in the end of the story, but soon rain started to fall. Maybe next time to watch the Sun will be seven years later. It is very long time for me.
    What do you do to spend every day if the Sun doesn’t come out all the time like this story setting?

  2. Last night, I tried to read the short stort” Summer in day”, one more time. Eventually, I cannot crealy find for a moral even if I read that.

    when I watched the movie today’s lesson, I think that this story’s moral is forgivingt a person who admit a mistake?
    But I could not catch up that…….I want to know real writting of this story…

  3. Situation: When William locked Margot in the room.
    If you are a friend of Margot, do you help Margot? Or are you afraid to help Margot? Why?

  4. Is it difficult to keep having hope? How do we change our fixed ideas? Do you think everyone has hope in their mind even though they look hopeless?

  5. in the story, margot is bulied and other studets do not believe about her. if you were margot, what do you do with other students?

  6. Margot is bullied by Williams because only she know the sun. Why William bullied her? What should we do not to bully someone?

  7. If you were in no sun world like this story, what would you feel when you see the sun for the first time? Imagine the situation.

  8. Margot was left in a closet by the other children. Why could they forget about Margot easily? If you were in such a same situation, would you forget about something easily?

  9. You are liked by every friend. Then, if your friend is locked in the room by another friend, what will you do? Will you help her or will you neglect her??

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