1 Discussion Question

Hi Everyone!

Below, please post your one discussion question for The Revolt of Mother. This is the question that you wrote for homework last night, the question that your group used today when you talked about The Revolt of Mother. Thank you!

27 thoughts on “1 Discussion Question

  1. In the story, the father and the mother is not equal and the father has a higher position than the mother has. If their position changes at that time, how other people think about the father and the mother?

  2. At the time when this story takes place, men took power in the families. How about in your family? Who takes power in your family?

  3. There are less conversation between mother and father. How did they meet 19 years ago and why did they get married?

  4. Why could Mother make decision at that period which had strong gender roles? If you were Mother, could you take the same action as her? And if you were Father, what would you feel about Mother’s action?

  5. I think that there are fewer differences these days than past. However, what do you think about this? Do you think that these new life styles, roles meet our desires? Do we have more areas we should make better?

  6. It is not about the house or the barn, the mother in the story and the movie was trying to show a point to the father, what is this point, and did the father understand it well?

  7. In this story, Father decided to do something by himself, In your family’s case, who does make a decision when your family member decide something?

  8. Why did Sammy and Nanny help their mother? If you were the daughter, how do think about a relationship of your parent?

  9. I thought it was natural that the mother did house works in this story. However today, we are usual that father helps the mother’ works in Japan. How about other countries?

  10. In this story, man has more social power than woman for example, mother has less power than father and brother can receive education, but sister cannot. How about in your family? Do you think these gender roles are still remain?

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