The Revolt of Mother

The important problem (also called inciting incident or conflict, etc) in the story is found in line 20 (We must understand the inciting problem in a story because the rising action, climax, and other events in the story are based on this problem) :

“A barn? You’re going to build another barn where we were going to have a house?”

Lines 40 to 44 are also very important: 

“Her mother scrubbed a dish fiercely. “You haven’t found out yet we’re women-folks, Nanny Penn,” she said. One of these days, you’ll find it out how men think women-folks are supposed to be. Then you’ll know that we know only what men-folks think we do. Men-folks think we should consider them in like Providence4 and not complain of what they do any more than we should complain about the weather. “

Below, please post your answers for these 3 questions (please write several sentences or a short paragraph for each answer) :

  • What do you think will happen in the story? Will Mother make Father build a new house? Will Father build the barn, as planned? What will happen? What may be the climax of the story? 
  • Why didn’t Father tell Mother about his plan to build a new barn? 
  • Why do you think this kind of conflict occurs in a family? 


Tomorrow, we will spend more time talking about this story and its themes. 


20 thoughts on “The Revolt of Mother

  1. – I think at that time was the men stronger than women so father will build the barn as planned.
    – If he tell to mother than she couldn’t agree with that plan. Because he promised her first to build a house.
    – The equal rights between men and women it infiltrate to family.

  2. 1. I think that finally father will build a new house instead of a new barn. The title of this article is “The revolt of mother.” I can guess from this title that mother will not keep silent and do something in order to change father’s thought. As a result, father will build a new house.

    2. In this time, men thought that women should not complain of what men did. That’s why father thought what he did was right thing and he didn’t have to say to women what he did. So, father didn’t say to mother anything about his plan.

    3. In my country, Japan, this case will never happen, I think. Because we think that communication among family is very important. But in this story, men seem to think that men is superior than women. This thought is wrong and it causes family to forget the importance of communication. As a result, the lack of communication occurred in this family.

  3. That time, mother didn’t have a voice so that, she asked husband who did answer.

    Her husband didn’t care about his wife’s opinions. He always decided himself.

    Mother want to have a voice so that, the family occurred conflict.

  4. ・I think father will built a new barn

    ・because he didn’t care of her opinion

    ・I think because still many men have thought that they stronger than women

  5. I think Mother will make Father build a new house. I made a guess from the title. The title shows that Mother will do something and resist Father, so I think she will convince him to build a new house.

    I think that Father didn’t tell Mother about his plan because he thought he didn’t have to do it. I think that Father thinks he is always right and he doesn’t have to hear his wife’s opinions.

    I think this kind of conflict occurs when couples don’t talk a lot and care each other. If they know what they want to do each other, I think it doesn’t occur.

  6. 1. I think Father will build the barn as planned in spite of what Mother said to him. And she forgive him.
    2. Because he was afraid of Mother’s scolding.
    3. I think it’s because of not enough conversation. If they talked much more, they could know other’s thinking about. And A conflict like this won’t be happen.

  7. 1. I think father will build the barn. I think mother didn’t have any choice. The climax of the story I guess the daughter will challenge her father.
    2.Because in that time, I think the men didn’t need to talk to his wife about anything when they want to do something. The men can decide to do anything.
    3.I think they didn’t have good communicate. the other reason is because the men still think they can decide anything.

  8. Forty years ago, Mr. Penn had promised Mrs. Penn their new house would stand in that place, so he will build a house after changing his mind.

    Because Father thinks women don’t complain of what men do.

    Recently the situation changes, but in 1800s, men worked outside, and women worked inside. Men earned money, so they thought they were high level than women. That’s why these things happened.

  9. ■What do you think will happen in the story?
    I think Father will build the barn, as planned. Mother wanted him to quit the plan but she has no power to do so. But if this is a good story, Father will notice about his wife’s mind and he will change his mind.
    ■Why didn’t Father tell Mother about his plan to build a new barn?
    Because he doesn’t needto hear mothers opinion. If he want to, then he do it. Or he knows mother will not agree to build a new barn.
    ■Why do you think this kind of conflict occurs in a family?
    Because everyone have different desire. It never be the same.

  10. ・Father is going to make another barn. And mother didn’t know that father makes the barn because there is a sentence: “don’t you think it’s too bad Father’s going to build that new barn, much as we need a decent house to live in?”

    ・I think that Father didn’t thought he should tell Mother about the plan. Because Father is a man, and man can decide every things by themselves, I guess.

    ・Because man has a power than woman. Man’s rights are not limited, and I think men sometimes make a decision without consultation with women.

  11. ・ I think Father will build new the barn as planned because he didn’t care about her.

    ・ Because at that time, men had all rights, so they could decide everything by themselves.

    ・ I think there are 2 reasons: there were no wemen’s right and there were no conversation. Women didn’t have enough right as men then women couldn’d complain what men did. Thus, she had to follow him without complaint so there were no conversation.

  12. 1 i think father will build a new house. it is because mother gets angry and thhe title means she will the quarrel
    2 because he promised he will build their house at there though he changed his minds . and he knows she will get angry
    3because people sometimes decide some important things by thier own though it should be more talked with families.

  13. ①I think that Mother doesn’t think about building for Father on the time because of building house is the right of men-forks (Men-forks were used to working in the social, only however women-forks were used to working chores). However, Father built the bar but didn’t build new house because had to no-plan building new house. After, Mother thought about that happiness of women were decided by men task. So. she complained his plan, and she made insinuation about him. She built new house.

    ② I think that he was pride and provide majesty for Father(himself), so he could not only tell to her no-possible building a new house but also building a barn.

    ③ I think that each women and men was decided task and right on the time, and the each situation (task and right) form be patient complaining. So this conflict was happened from braking formation of women and men.

  14. I think Father will build new barn because men have all rights of making decisions at that period. The title is “The Revolt of Mother,” so she will try to change Father’s mind, I think. but I do not think that Father changes his mind because I think the gender roles are fixed.

    I think Father did not need to tell Mother about that because men make decisions.Women do not have the rights of making decisions, so Father thought Mother would follow him any time.

    Mother will try to get equal rights. also, the title shows that some conflict will be happened, i think.

  15. (1stQ)Finally, the mother couldn’t change her husband’s plan. Whatever she complains, he refuses or ignores, so nothing changes.

    (2ndQ)Since almost all men thought women were not understandable for men ,men thought women must not be a part of making decision. That means the ways of thinking are different between male and female, so men couldn’t consider women’s ideas as important ones.

    (3rdQ)The era was for men and if for women, men would have complaint as women did.

  16. I think Mother will get right or freedom the end of the story. I dont think Mother make Father build a new house. I think Father will build the barn as planned.
    I dont understand the story well but man and woman are not equal.

  17. This story is an old story just about 100 years ago. This is why I think that the father won’t change his plan even if his family or his wife don’t agree with his plan.

    He had a special reason to build a new barn or might think that everyone must agree with him.

    I think that this kind of conflict occurs because there is few conversation. They have to talk to each other, explain what they think.

  18. 1, Father built new barn without saying to mother
    2, women cannot complain men at that time so he didn’t need to ask mother.
    3, Women can’t say anything to men because of culture.

  19. ・I think that father will build the barn, as planned.

    ・Because father has bigger power than mother.

    ・This story takes place in 19th century that women was regerded lower than men, so father thinks that he can do anything without telling mother.

  20. I think father makes a new barn as planned without talking about it to his wife. The climax of this story will not good thing for his wife. It is because women has no authority to decide anything.

    It is because father thought to built a new barn is related only men. Women is considered by men that women should do only housework.

    I think they didn’t have the idea about gender equality.

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