Meeting Someone for the First Time

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How do you feel when you meet someone for the first time in the US?

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22 thoughts on “Meeting Someone for the First Time

  1. When I meet someone for the first time I am always nervos. Because I don’t know about diffrence cultures between someone and me.

  2. When I meet someone for the first time in US, I think that I should talk with him to get along with him. However, it is difficult to talk with someone I’ve never met because I’m so shy.

  3. When I meet someone for the first time in here so I’m very nervous because, I’m too shy. However, I want to talk to them and become their friends ….I know we have many different cultures and traditions. On the other hand, they’er so friendly..I wana make friends here….

  4. I feel like exciting! I want to talk people in the U.S. and know what they think about Japan. I sometimes talk with local people and enjoy it! I want to know more about different cultures. People from all over the world lives in the U.S. I can get to know other countries too.

  5. I gradually got accustomed to meeting someone for first time in the Hawaii, but I still have felt a negative to meet someone for first time. Of course, I know to need practice English more than even if I don’t have confidence English. Actually, I can make many foreign friends and can have knowledge of foreign cultures. Whenever will I really improve a nervous tension…..

  6. When I meet someone in foreign country like US, I always look at his or her eye to try to attract his or her attention. Then, just make a smile to start conversation. If the person reply his or her smile to me, I feel so happy, but not, I feel so sad…

  7. When I meet someone for the first time in US, especially in Hawaii, Im happy to talk to them because they are very welcome to foreigners so I don’t have to be nervous to speak English. Also I’d like to know about their background and informaiton of Hawaii 🙂

  8. When I meet someone for the first time in US, I am nervous because I don’t have any confidence in my English. I’m afraid of making mistakes.

  9. When I first time meet someone in Hawai, I was so nervous. Before I came here, I didn’t speak English for a long time. I didn’t speak English to American before. I will try to do better and better.

  10. I often make smiling when our eyes met, because I want to show that “I’m not getting nervous.You can talk with me. Do not get nervous.” Basically, I do not get nervous when I meet someone for the first time. It is because I do not know anything about them, and they also do not know anything about me. Also, I think smile makes people relax, so we can start talking easily.

  11. In my case, I feel differently depending on their English skills and speed. If they say so fast and use high level English skill, I “freeze” because while I try to catch their words, I think what I say. My brain is overloaded and I can’t speak any word. But if they say english slowly and easily, I feel comfort and relax. Sometimes, even if I think I say correctly, they can’t catch me, I freeze, too.

  12. When I meet someone for the first time in the US, I get nervous. I know that I should talk a lot to introduce myself, but I’m shy. I must not be afraid of making mistakes. Hawaiians are so kind and friendly. They listen to me carefully and try to understand what I say, so I should just talking. There are many people from all over the world in the US. I think that Americans usually welcome people from other countries warmly. It is interesting to teach languages each other with someone from the other country. I often do that when I meet foreigners.

  13. If I meet someone in Japan, I will feel uncomfortable because I’m very shy. But in US, I don’t feel uncomfortable when I meet someone for the first time. Of course, I get nervous a little. I think that American people are very friendly. So I don’t tense up so much in US.

  14. When I meet someone from Asian countries, I feel at ease because we have a little bit same culture or more than that. About someone from the other countries, I feel nervous a little bit. Although I think so, cultural differences are interesting.

  15. When I meet someone for the first time in the US, I am always mortifying,because I can’t say anything well,actually,I want to talk more,I want to express my feeling,and I want to tell a joke , but I don’t know how can I say.So to talk a lot, and I would like to be able to speak more fluently.

  16. I knew body gestures of American style for the first time when I met American people. For example, drivers sign for pedestrians or the other drivers with hand. It means you go first. In my country, people don’t do that. If they have a its situation, they usually honk a horn. I think especially in Hawaii drivers don’t use a turn signal light. I was surprised.

  17. I feel happy because American are so kind and my host family, too. I felt nervous before I met my host-family because I didn’t know them well. But they kindly welcomed me at the airport. That’s why I feel happy when I meet someone for the first time in the US.

  18. When I meet someone for the first time in the US, I hesitate to speak to a person. It is because I think my English is not good, so I can’t make myself understand and I will embarrass someone. Furthermore, between US and Japan, there are so many differences about culture, custom, tradition and so on. For the reason stated above, I feel It is diffcult for me to talk with someone for the first time in the US.

  19. I feel really nervous because I cannot speak English well. And, I don’t have confidence in my English. I want to be a confident English speaker.

  20. When I meet someon for the first time in US, I feel tense and fun. I feel tense because I do not about the person well and I need to speak them in English and I am afraid of mistakes or misconversation. But I feel fun because I can make new friends and know about them and their countries. In Hawaii, I met some new people. Then I felt tense a little but they are always kind and talk to me slowly so I enjoyed the conversation very much.

  21. The first meeting with someone in US, always make me feel nerveos and exciting at the same time. I try to pay so much attention because I don’t want to missunderstand what others say. I not only pay attention at the words, I have to pay attention at their way to they say it, because of differences of culture. I feel exciting always to know and learn about others cultures, and share with other the good things of me 🙂

  22. I was really nervous because I`m shay and I have never talked to the person who lives a different country and uses different language in person.

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