First Impressions of Hawaii

What are your first impressions of Hawaii?


26 thoughts on “First Impressions of Hawaii

  1. Hot, hot, hot, this is my first impression. Before coming to Hawaii, I knew that it is hot in Hawaii all the year round, though.

  2. There are many great beaches and the sea color, turquoise is so wonderful!! And also, I love Hawaiian because they are kind to people. I want to know more about Hawaii.

  3. Everything is so big, especially foods. So I’m going to be full soon. When I went to restaurant, I ordered Garlic Chicken and shered with my friend. But we couldn’t eat all.

  4. It is very hot in Hawaii, but I think it is better than Japan because wind often blows. And Hawaiian food is bigger than Japan.

  5. I really enjoyed the first week in Hawaii. My first impression of Hawaii is very nice place. It is because there are very beautiful natures, such as beach, flowers, tress, weather, and mountain. And also there are people from all over the world and they are so nice. My hst family is kind and always care about me. Then when I ask about the bus, the bus driver always answer me and tell me where I should get off.

  6. There are a lot of plants in Hawaii. I can see the flowers of various colors. These are pretty and I like the view of Hawaii.

  7. It was very hot when I just arrived at Hawaii. But when the sunset go down it is very cool or cold in Hawaii. And the natures, night view, food and the people are awesome but the price of produts are very expensive and that make me said. Also I didn’t know that there are many homeless people in Hawaii.

  8. My first impression is that people living in Hawaii are friendly, considerate and generous. My host family accepted me and said to me “make yourself feel at home”. I was worried about getting along with my host family, but I did not need to do. Foods are also better rather than i expected. I was just afraid of gaining weight because of unhealthy foods of US. But there are a lo t of fresh and healthy foods in Hawaii. I am enjoying my new life in Hawaii.

  9. I think Hawaii is beautiful place. Lots of Japanese visit Hawaii. I am interested in tourism. This is nice place to study tourism 🙂 It is hotter than Japan but Japan is more humidity. So I like the weather here better than that of Japan.

  10. I visited first time in hawaii for four year ago. I Loved Hawaii..
    Hawaii was awesome and very beautiful places..
    However, I moved to hawaii last November and lived in Waikiki.
    So expensive…anything..In addition, I’d cold many times and I couldn’t enjoy here. I was blue.
    On the other hand, I shifted to Help campus and met a lot of good friends and teaches…
    I love Hawaii again and Help campus…

  11. When I was in Japan, I though Hawaii is too hot to me, but it is not!! It is great weather in here!! I already love Hawaii<33

  12. I assumed that Japanese was generally spoken anywhere in Hawaii five years ago, so if I travel there, I would be bored a sightseeing such as Guam. I also wondered why the Hawaii is a popular place. After, when I traveled first time in Hawaii, I surprised the Hawaiian personality where live there, are kind everyone. I was deeply affected by all of nature in Hawaii. Also, I embarrassed that Japanese was spoken sightseen places such as Waikiki only. The place mixed Asian culture are unique because any Asian such Japanese Americans have been there. Hawaii is a place of coexistence and coprosperity between a nature and a human.For that,I’m interseted in.

  13. I thought people in Hawaii was really friendly because when you walked on the road people always smile to you. Before I came here, I think Hawaii might be hot and hot. When I came here, I thought Taiwan was hotter than Hawaii. I thought people in Hawaii all love beach. I want to surfing in here but I never try.

  14. I thought the weather is pretty good because Hawaii is not humid like Japan; especially, I feel comfortable at night. I do not need air conditioners. Also, people are very kind, and they are friendly. During the first week, I found many good points both of Hawaii and Japan.

  15. Hawaii has good nature. First day, I saw the sea near Hanauma Bay. The view was so great. In addition, It seemed that mountains, plants, and also the sky welcomed us.

  16. My first impression is that Hawaii is a beautiful place! There are blue sky, good weather, so many nature and beautiful beach. And, there are various birds and so many lizards! When I go home from the bus stop, I always see lizards cross a sidework. When I saw it for the first time, I was really surplized.

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